Our Story

The Sunflower Family was founded in 2013 in Germany by Nicole Breisinger, Fabian Breisigner and Oliver Schenkmann with the desire to expand the horizons of the ever-growing organic industry. One of the main goals of our founders was to facilitate an easier (and tastier) transition for people of the world to plant based nutrition whilst using the most eco-friendly manufacturing processes possible. Nicole and Fabian spend most of their days running their company All Organic Treasures Gmbh, performing breakthrough research and development on plant based food ingredients. One of their many breakthroughs at AOT was the creation of the Heliaflor® Crisp.


The Power Of The Crisp

The Heliaflor® Crisp is the main ingredient in our initial product offering of Organic Vegan Meals. It is entirely derived from the sunflower seed and requires no additional additives or fillers to be created. The crisps feature no soy, gluten, or dairy; creating the perfect product for anyone who is or isn’t allergen sensitive. Fabian and Nicole took their curiosity of this product to their kitchen at home and started creating dishes for their children Lotte and Basti, the first taste-testers of the Sunflower Family!

Our Mission

In the future, we believe in order to be environmentally conscious and promote a better world, there needs to be a healthy and sustainable alternative food source to meat. As a company, formulating is a labor of love rather than a labor of profit. We create our recipes in an open kitchen and share our creations with family and friends until we know we have something special. We want our love for food and the environment to show in every product we produce. With this goal in mind, our formulation team lead by Fabian Breisinger created the award-winning sunflower protein crisp! After years of continued success in Europe, we desire to expand our family to the United States with the help of our friends and continue to spread our message (and love) of sustainably conscious plant-based food.